ZERO Forms is an overall toolset that allows you and your organization to complete forms audits, and surveys of all types! 

Here's how to submit a form: 

1. Click or tap on "Forms" from the ZERO sidebar.

2. Click on the "+ New Submission" button to access any Form assigned to your Team(s).

3. Select the form "template" you need to compete from the pull down menu. To open the form, click "Next". 

4. Complete the form based on the questions presented to you.

5. When finished, click "Submit". 

Keep in mind, you can also start a form and save it as a Draft. Saving a Form draft can be accomplished in one of two ways: 

1. Clicking or tapping on "Save Draft" at the bottom of the Form.

2. Selecting "Cancel" or navigating away from the Form will open a prompt to save or delete the Form draft.

You can access Saved Drafts from the main Forms page and edit multiple times until you are ready to submit the Form. Edit the saved Form by selecting the pencil icon or delete by selecting the waste basket icon.