Admin and Team Lead Access

By default, Admins and Team Leads will always have access to the "Incidents" area in ZERO. However, their ability to see actual incident data is determined by whether they have been given access to locations or not (via the "Manage Locations" page). In order to see incidents for a location, Admins and Team Leads need to first be added to the location. 

Once an Admin or Team Lead has been added to a location, they will be able to see all incidents in that location. They will not be able to see incidents from other locations where they have not been given access (note: Admins always have the ability to add themselves to any location, if necessary).

Member and Contributor Access

Admins can control whether to give Members and Contributors access to incidents or not. 

Admins can control this via the "Incident Settings" page. If given access to incidents, Members and Contributors will be able to create incidents in ZERO, but importantly they will not be able to see any incidents created by other users - they will only be able to see their own incidents.

Once a Member or Contributor has submitted their incident, they will no longer be able to edit the incident either.