You can create Post templates for regular content to be used in the description of any Post. Any member can create Post templates and reuse them later. Here's how to do it!

1. Create a new Post.

2. Click on the bookmark icon in the bottom, left corner of the Feed Description field.

3. A modal screen will appear. Click on "+ New" to create a new template.

4. Name the template something that makes sense for your workflow. Add a Template Description- this is actual content which will be viewed by others when your Post is complete. Save the Template.

You can always Edit or Delete the template once created. You can also create multiple templates from the same modal window. 

To use a saved Template in a new Post, select "Insert Template" after selecting it from the list. 

Complete the Post as you normally would. You can access the saved templates regardless of which Team your posting to for each new Post you create!