You can record, track, and share required OSHA 300 information for all work-related injuries and illnesses (to help mitigate fines and citations) inside of ZERO. Also included is an incident reporting analytics feature for internal risk assessment and avoidance. Above all, the tool is super simple to use and stores all of the information in one place to make end of year reporting very easy! 

The "Incidents" tool is for Administrators and Team Leads only (you can permit Members to create their own incidents- this is found in the Incident Settings). 

1. Select Incidents from the ZERO sidebar to access the incident tracker and click on "+ New Incident" to create a new form.

2. Select the location where the incident occurred in the modal screen. 

3. Follow the steps to complete the incident report. The items marked with an asterisk are required to save the report. You can always return and edit any incident in the future. 

This is a quick example of what the open step of the tracker looks like: 

Incidents can be revisited and edited as often as needed. You can download 300 forms from the "Reports" tab in Incidents.