Assigning a teammate to a post is quick and easy. Here's how to assign someone to a post:

  • Find the post that you want to assign someone to.
  • Click on the User + icon in the bottom left corner of the post - see the screenshot below.
  • Then search for the user you want to assign and click Save.

Please note:

  • Anyone can assign anybody else to a post at any time
  • When you assign someone to a post, ZERO will send that person a notification (via in-app, email, and push notification), informing that person of the new assignment.
  • If you are assigned to a post by someone else, you will always be able to see your assignments by going to the Dashboard.
  • If you created the post, you will be assigned as the responder for that post automatically.
  • You can also assign a responder when creating the post as well (the process is the same as above).