Here's how to create a post in ZERO:

1. Login to ZERO by going to (or downloading the "ZERO Platform" mobile app for iOS or Android)

2. In the main navigation menu (use hamburger menu on mobile), click on Posts

3. Click on Create Post in the upper right corner of the screen (click the gold + button in the bottom right corner on mobile).

4. On the new post page, you can select the team where you want to post, as well as enter all the relevant details for your post. You can also assign people to the post (responders) and select users to notify (subscribers).

5. Once you're done, click Post at the bottom of the page. 

And your post will be immediately published!

Note: you can also save a draft and return to complete it later, rather than publishing your post if you'd like. Select "save draft" at the bottom rather than "post".