ZERO Spaces allows any organization to organize and assign workspaces to comply with guidelines and health/safety practices to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe. This is a premium feature and available by contacting your account representative. Here's how to check in each day: 

1. Navigate to the Dashboard in the ZERO Sidebar. You will see an alert at the top of your Dashboard. Click on "Click here" in the alert to start check-in process for your organization:

2. Select where you will be working today (Office, Remote, or Other). The options will vary based on the setup of ZERO Spaces within your organization. Select "Office" if you are going to the workplace in that setting.

3. Select an office location from the dropdown menu. This too will vary based on the needs of your organization. 

4. Select a desk. This too will vary based on your organization. In the example, the workplaces are a mix of offices, desks, cubicles, and benches. In most cases, this will default to your assigned workplace, but if you are in a different office location, you will have the option of selecting an alternate workplace. 

5. Complete the presented survey after selecting your workplace. This will vary based on the needs or your organization. Select the "Check Inbutton when complete.

6. You will receive a confirmation when you have successfully checked in and the banner at the top will be green. You can always change your check-in information if need be at any time by clicking on the blue "click here" after the "To change your check-in" within the alert.