ZERO Spaces allows any organization to assign workspaces to comply with guidelines and health/safety practices to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe. This is a premium feature and available by contacting your account representative. Here's how to check in a colleague. Please note that this use case is dependent on how your organization has authorized the use of ZERO Spaces.

1. Log in to ZERO and go to the Dashboard from the ZERO Sidebar. 

2. In the Check-In Alert banner at the top, click on the ellipsis icon (•••) located on the right hand side of the banner. Select Check in colleague from the dropdown menu.


3. Use the tool to search for the name of the colleague you wish to check in. Typing their name will search the overall directory. Click on their name to start the check in procedure.


4. Select your workplace location for your colleague.

5. Select a workplace (desk) for your colleague. This will vary as well based on your organization. In the example, the workplaces are a mix of offices, desks, cubicles, and benches. In most cases, this will default to your colleague's assigned workplace.

6. Your colleague will have to complete the check-in survey on their own within ZERO. They will be prompted to do so via email. When complete with the process, select "Check In" button at the bottom of the screen: