ZERO Spaces allows any organization to organize and assign workspaces to comply with guidelines and health/safety practices to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe. This is a premium feature and available by contacting your account representative. Here's how to edit workplaces. Please note that this use case is dependent on how your organization has authorized the use of ZERO Spaces.

1. Log in to ZERO and click on the Settings (Gear) menu in the upper right corner. Select Manage Desks in the settings menu.

2. To assign or add a person to a desk, click on the "+ Person" icon highlighted below. This can be one person or multiple people depending on the workspace and your organization's needs. 

When complete, be certain to select "Save" in the pulldown menu to assign the workspace.

3. To edit a desk, click on the "..." and select "Edit Desk" from the menu. 

When you're done editing the desk, be sure to select "Update".

4. To learn how to create daily alerts for your workplace to colleagues can check in, please click here