Courses is a powerful, yet simple to use learning management tool built right into ZERO. Of course this is not designed to replace your HR department's LMS, but ZERO Courses provides operational and safety leaders a quick and easy way to share learning experiences with associates and keep track of those experiences over time. 

The following is how to complete a Course in ZERO.

1. Navigate to Courses in the ZERO sidebar and select "+ New Submission" in the upper right hand corner: 

2. Select the name of the course you wish to complete. Courses can be distributed "ad hoc" like the example or sent to you through a Schedule which would appear on your Dashboard.

3. Select a Team. Courses can be created specifically for a Team in ZERO. In the example, the member could choose between one of the three teams to submit the course based on the operational structure of the organization. If a Course is sent to you via a schedule, this part of the process is automatic. 

4. Complete the course that is presented to you. The example provides the member a YouTube video regarding ladder safety. After watching the video, questions are presented below based on the content of the video. Many forms of content can be presented in a Course, so this material will vary greatly depending upon your organization. 

5. Once you have completed the course questions, select the "Submit" button in the bottom right hand corner of the Course. You're all set!