In order to use Check-In, you must first set up your locations. Here's how to do that:

1. Navigate to the Settings menu and select "Manage Locations". 

2. Select "+ Create Location" button to create a new location.

3. Enter the Location information in the fields. The only field required is the name of the location. When done, select "Create Location". Repeat the process for each location that your operations requires. 

4. To edit a location, select the "..." to the right of the Location name. Actions with this tool allow you to add/remove Administrators to each location, edit the details of the Location, and delete the location. 

5. To enable check-ins for this location, you must contact Please provide the location names you wish to enable on your account. Once this step has been taken, you will have the ability to complete the setup for check-in. Once complete, you will see this in the Manage Desks tab: 

6. Please click here to learn how to create and manage your workplace locations and add check-in surveys to ZERO Spaces!