ZERO Spaces allows any organization to organize and assign workspaces to comply with guidelines and health/safety practices to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe. This is a premium feature and available by contacting your account representative. Here's how to edit workplaces. Please note that this use case is dependent on how your organization has authorized the use of ZERO Spaces.

Now that you have your locations established, it is time to setup your workplace. Here's how to do that! 

1. Navigate to the ZERO Settings and select "Manage Desks".

2. After you have setup your locations, you can create desks (work spaces) within each location. From the Manage Desks toolset, select "+ Create desk".

3. A window will open where you can create a desk. Please provide information based on the prompts provided. 

  • Desk name- the name of the desk based on your organization's system of desk identification.
  • Location- the location where the work space "is". This is based on the location(s) setup prior.
  • Space- the floor, area, or wing where the workplace is located. This is based on the information setup prior as well.
  • Type- this is a prearranged list of work space types which include desks, cubicles, offices, etc. 
  • Status- whether or not your colleagues have access to the workspace.

When complete, your new desk information might look something like this: 

Please select "Create" to save the information regarding the new desk. Repeat this process for all of the workspaces for each location. 

4. Desks are now setup and ready to use. If you need to edit the information for a desk, select the "..." to the right of the desk name to edit or delete the desk. 


5. To learn how to assign and manage a desk, please click here.