Form templates can be edited at any time. There are some ideas to consider before making serious changes to an active template and to learn more, click here. However, if you need to edit a question for content, grammar, or clarity (and provided the responses are the same), it's a simple process to edit a field in any ZERO form template, whether it be actively in use or not.

Here's how: 

Note: To edit a form template, you must be an Administrator or Team Lead.

1. Click or tap on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner:

2. Select "Templates" under Forms for a traditional submission or under Incidents for an incident specific template. 

3. Scroll the list to find the Template you would like to edit. Once you find the Template, click or tap on the "..." button and select "Edit Template" from the pulldown list of options.

4. You can now edit any question in the Template as you would when creating a new Template. However, be careful when editing responses. This may have unintended consequences when editing an actively deployed form. More on that here.

After you make an edit, be sure to select "Save" before closing out the edit window. 

5. Changes will automatically save as you edit a Template.

Editing for content does not impact the information you are collecting with the Template. It will only alter the way the question is posed to your audience, and not the resulting data. This is as long as you did not edit the available responses to the member for any given field for an active template.