The ZERO Library is a customizable learning center where you have complete control over the content. Administrators and Team Leads can add content for members to access, search, and view.

To make it even easier for employees to access library articles, ZERO gives you the ability to generate a QR Code for any article! 

A Team Lead or Administrator can create a QR Code to use out in the field which can be printed onto paper, vinyl stickers, or larger formats such as posters or even clothing.

Here's how to create a QR Code to lead members to specific Library Articles: 

1. Click or tap on "Library" from the ZERO sidebar:

2. Select the Library Article you want base QR Code access on:

3. To generate a QR Code for the article, click the "Get QR Code":

4. To download the code to your device, select "Download QR":

5. Be sure to rename the image file so you can associate the article with that specific QR Code:

6. Following are some quick QR Code guidelines when using them with ZERO Library:

  • ZERO Provided Library content cannot be linked via QR.
  • The device attempting to access the information via any QR Code must have a camera with QR Code reading capabilities embedded within the native camera app (standard on newer iOS and Android operating systems) or a QR Code reading application, permitting camera access.
  • The device attempting to access the information via any QR Code must be connected to the internet. 
  • Anyone scanning a ZERO QR Code to access a Library Article within ZERO must:
    • Be a member of the instance of ZERO the article is within. 
      • The member must be on the account. 
      • The general public or onsite visitors will not be able to access the form.
    • Be a member of the Team(s) the article is associated with.