In ZERO, you have the ability to create a public link for any form. With a public link, anyone can submit a form without having a ZERO account. These are considered anonymous submissions since ZERO will not know who is submitting the form (please note: if you are using a public link to collect responses and need to collect contact information for the person submitting the form, then you will need to add those fields into your form template).

Here's how to share a public link for a form template:

1. Click on the gear icon and go to the Templates page

2. Find the template that you wish to share publicly

3. Click on the ellipsis dropdown next to the template, and click on "Share Link/QR". See below.

4. In the popup window, click on "public link". Then click on "generate public link". See below.

5. Then click on the "copy link" button. See below.

Now you can share this link with anyone and they will be able to submit your form.