Below are the setup instructions you will need in order to send Feed data to an Excel spreadsheet.

Please note: API access may be consumed and utilized in a variety of different ways. As a courtesy, we are providing the following example of how you can use our API in Excel for Windows. This requires a valid Microsoft Office 365 license and is for example purposes only. There is no guarantee that your specific version of Excel is supported. Additional help and configuration is available through our professional services at an additional cost. Please contact for more information. 

Setup Instructions: How to use the ZERO API as a DataSource in Excel

(1) Make sure you have your API Key handy. If you don't have one, you will need to create an API Key first before proceeding (note: only Admins can create/view API keys).

(2) Once you have an API Key, open Excel on a Windows computer (note: you can only setup an API as a DataSource on a Windows machine) 

(3) Create a new workbook

(4) Navigate to the “Data” tab, click on “Get Data”, click on “From Other Sources”, and finally click on “From Web”

(5) Paste the following URL into the modal window and click “OK”:

NOTE: It can take a few minutes to pull in the report data

(6) Eventually, the “Power Query Editor” window will open

(7) Right click “List” and choose “To Table”

(8) In the next modal window, select “None” and “Show as errors” if they are not already selected and click “OK”

(9) Click the arrows icon next to “Column1”, choose what fields you’d like to import, and uncheck “Use original column name as prefix” (Optional, but recommended), then click “OK”

(10) You should now see a preview of the data (possibly after a loading period)

(11) Click “Close & Load” in the app ribbon

(12) The ”Power Query Editor” window should close and return you to your workbook

(13) The workbook will begin importing your feed data (this can take some time)

(14) A new sheet will be created with the data in a table

(15) This table is now linked to the ZERO API and can be refreshed to import the newest data