ZERO Forms is a toolset that allow you to create forms and surveys for all members of your organization to complete based on your operational requirements. Forms can be used for daily safety checklists, LOTO procedures, and any other type of survey or form you can think of. A limited set of templates are available as well.

Here's how to create a new form template: 

Note: To create a form template, you must be an Administrator or Team Lead.

1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.

2. Click on "Manage Templates" in the Administrator sidebar.

3. Click on "Create Template" to open the Form Builder.

4. Name the template, select the Type, and Assign Teams. Select "Create" to start building! 

5. Select the "Start from scratch" option to create a custom template from; "Start from template" to select from a list of form templates. You can edit any template you select.

6. To add a field, click on the "+" button either from the icon in the bottom right hand corner or from the "+" icon on each question. Select a new field (you can add as many fields as you want and you can drag them up or down).

7. To edit each field, click on "Edit". You can also "Copy" questions from this toolset as well. When complete, select "Done". Changes will automatically save as you create or edit a Form.

Your Form is now live and ready for colleagues to submit/complete! Of course, if the form was "Schedule Only", you will need to create a schedule to deploy the Form. To learn more about creating Form schedules, click here.