Categories and Tags help create structure inside ZERO and simplify sorting information, making analysis of data a much more simple process. Post Status and Risk Definitions can also be modified as well. Any changes made to these will be applied to all teams on your account. 

ZERO provides a number of Category labels "out of the box", but each is customizable to meet your needs and organizational terminology. Categories and Tags can be used to designate safety, environment, quality, production, or anything else you can think of. 

Tags allow for a second layer of post classification beyond the initial Category level. Tags are not required and disabled by default. To enable tags, simply customize your tag options and switch the toggle button to ON. Once enabled, a second field will automatically display on the post creation page underneath Category. You can enable/disable tags at any time.

1. Select the gear menu on the ZERO menu bar and select "Settings" under Feed.

2. There are a number of settings that can be altered within Posts "Settings": 

To edit any detail, select "Expand". 

3. To change Category details (after selecting Expand), edit the text, icons, leading indicator, and whether or not the Category is on or off. After each alternation, be sure to click "Save". Follow the same process for Subcategories.

4. Other Post options are both selectable and editable as well. This includes Post Status, Work Order Number, Location, Risk Level, and Due Date. The field names are customizable as well!