In order to control access for a wide range of people in your company (internal and external), there are five different permission levels (or "roles") in ZERO:


Administrator: Admins have full control over the account and have the highest level of permissions in ZERO. Admins can:

  • Access ALL admin controls in the gear icon menu (such as provisioning the overall settings for the account, creating and managing teams, creating and managing people, creating and managing form templates and schedules, creating and managing API keys, etc.);

  • Perform ANY action across the entire platform. There are no restrictions on what Admins can do in ZERO, so be thoughtful about which people and how many are designated as Admins on your account.

Team Lead: Team Leads have control over everything that happens inside their specific team(s), but do not have access to Admin controls. Teams Leads can: 

  • Create teams and manage people in their teams; and

  • Perform any action on any post, regardless if they were the original author or not (close/reopen, comment, assign, share, edit, move, export, delete, etc.).

Member: Member is the default role in ZERO. Members can: 

  • Perform all actions on posts (create, close/reopen, comment, assign, export), but they can only share, edit, move, or delete a post if they are the original author of the post (i.e., they have no ability to modify any other users' posts in any way or perform any Admin or team management functions).

Contributor: Contributors can do everything a Member can do, except they can only access posts that (1) they've created (2) they've been assigned to or (3) they've been subscribed to. Contributors do not have default access to all posts in the Feed like Members do.

Viewer: Viewers have the lowest level of permissions in ZERO. They have view-only access to the teams where they've been assigned, and therefore have no ability to perform any actions in ZERO.