ZERO Check-In allows any organization to facilitate daily check-ins, desk reservation/hoteling, and health checks for compliance with health/safety guidelines in one simple online experience.

How to check in and reserve a desk in ZERO:

1. Login to ZERO. Go to the Dashboard. Click on the check-in alert at the top. See screenshot below.

2. On the check-in page, select where you will be working today (Office, Remote, or Other). In this example, we are working in the Office and looking to book a desk. [Note you can check-in for up to 30 days in the future - click here to learn more about advance booking.]

3. Select a desk. If you have assigned desk(s) to choose from, ZERO will display those for you immediately so that you can select it more quickly.

3a. If you have no assigned desks (or need a different desk than your usual one), ZERO will show you the available shared desks. See below. From this screen, you can select your office location and floor, and then ZERO will show you the available desks at that location. You can also see where colleagues are sitting from this step by searching underneath directory.

4. Once you've selected a desk, please complete the survey at the bottom.

6. Lastly, click the "Check Inbutton at the bottom to complete your check-in.

You will receive a confirmation when you have successfully checked in and the banner at the top will be green. You can always change your check-in information if need be at any time by clicking on the blue "click here" after the "To change your check-in" within the alert.