With Forms in ZERO, employees can submit inspections, audits, surveys, etc. Forms can be used for daily safety checklists, LOTO procedures, or any other type of survey or form you may have.

To make it easier for employees to submit forms, ZERO gives you the ability to generate a QR Code! 

Please note: 

  • Only admins or team leads can generate a QR code for form submissions.
  • The QR code is specific to a template and team.

Here's how to create a QR Code for a specific template and team:

1. Click or tap on "Forms" from the ZERO sidebar:

2. In the upper right corner, click on the New Submission button:

3. Select the form Template you want to create a QR Code for:

4. Select the Team where you want the QR Code submission to be attached to:

5. Click the "Get QR Code" button at the top of the page:

6. To download the code to your device, select "Download QR":

7. Be sure to rename the file so that you know what you're linking to with that specific QR Code:

Now you can print or email the QR code and post it anywhere you need! The QR code can be read quickly and easily by any modern device with a camera.

For example, you could print the QR code and tape it to any piece of equipment. An employee (using their mobile device) can walk up to the equipment, open the camera on their phone, scan the QR code, and immediately be taken to submit the relevant form.

Following are some quick QR Code guidelines when using them with ZERO Forms:

  • The device attempting to access the information via any QR Code must have a camera with QR Code reading capabilities embedded within the native camera app (standard on newer iOS and Android operating systems) or a QR Code reading application, permitting camera access.
  • The device attempting to access the information via any QR Code must be connected to the internet. 
    • If this is not possible based on location of the code, providing the associated QR Code Form name below the printed code would allow a member to leverage offline mode to manually select and complete the form.
  • Anyone scanning a ZERO QR Code for a Form submission within ZERO must:
    • Be a member of the instance of ZERO the Form is within. 
      • The member must be on the account. 
      • The general public or onsite visitors will not be able to access the form.
    • Be a member of the Team the form is associated with.